Oso this past weekend.
  • Oso this past weekend.

The Missing: Snohomish County last night released a list of 22 names. These are the people still considered missing in connection with the mudslide. The 5-month-old baby named Duke, the youngest survivor injured in the slide, is recovering at Harborview.

Man in Car Allegedly Hit and Killed a Special Needs Woman: While on his way to helping special-needs people.

Natural Gas Explosion on the Columbia River: Five workers injured, 400 evacuated, and what's described as a "mushroom cloud."

After Firing on Each Other, the Koreas Spit Insults: Frog in a well!

NATO Says Russia Isn't Pulling Back: The Ukrainian border is still lousy with Russian troops, according to the organization's findings.

UK "Review" of Muslim Brotherhood: David Cameron orders looking into members who, reports say, have relocated from Cairo.

Long Island Kid Gets into All Eight Ivy League Schools: It is hard to know whether to love this kid or hate this kid. Does anybody still know which are the ivy league schools, anyway?

A Kid You Could Hate If You Wanted To: Slate explains how the New York Times Magazine dropped the ball by swooning over the 15-year-old chef on its cover this weekend, whose parents built him about five test kitchens as a kid. Genius versus privilege:

Flynn McGarry seems like an extraordinary kid, and I hope he emerges from child stardom into a successful and fulfilling adulthood. But if McGarry—white, male, privileged—is the future of American cuisine, then the diversity problems that have recently been a hot topic in the restaurant world aren’t going away anytime soon.

"Bremerton Considers Cracking Down on Raccoons": This story involves "green, glowing eyes."

"Female Robber Distracts Victim with Well-Timed Crotch Grab": He told her she "had the wrong idea," but he had no idea about her idea. (My husband would like me to tell you that she tried, and failed, to steal the family jewels.)

Inslee Promises to Clean Up Hanford: The nuclear waste is stored in 177 huge tanks underground, some leaking.

Computer Maps 21 Distinct Emotional Expressions: What you look like when you smell something foul, and other things your face muscles reveal.

Headline of Sadness: "Years After Revolt, Chinese Village Glumly Returns to Polls." It's even raining hard there, in keeping with the intentional fallacy.

Crowdsourcing for a Private Island Off the Coast of California: Silicon Island will be a co-working space for tech startups, where Bitcoin is the currency, and Lyft brings private speedboats and jet skis. This may be today's best you-know-what.

Study Shows: Rickrolling up by 4.1 percent in first quarter of 2014.

Turkey repeatedly performs the stair trick: