Seattle label Green Monkey Records does an outstanding job of excavating obscure lost gems from this area’s pre-grunge underground-rock scene (it also releases new material by Seattle institution the Green Pajamas). One of Green Monkey’s better recent vault hauls is Queen AnnesSomething Quick 1980-1985, a 20-track collection of face-rippling psychedelic-garage music. The songwriting’s tight and hooky, but this Bellevue-based band can execute nerve-fraying raveups with Yardbirds-y aplomb or ramble skyward à la the coda of the Byrds' "Eight Miles High" when they feel like it. The best material here—"You Got Me Running," "If You Could Only See Me Now," "You Will Cry," "I Thought of You," "Queen Anne Jam"—can hold its own with the concurrent Paisley Underground movement happening in California. The caustically jangly guitar tone, ebullient melodies, and dynamic song structures should appeal to fans of the early Who and the Soft Boys, too.

Listen to the whole album—which originally came out on cassette in 1986—below and purchase it here. The Queen Annes play the Central Saloon Fri. April 25.