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Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero started her review of new Miller's Guild downtown by comparing chef Jason Wilson (also of Crush) to the Wizard of Oz ("Framed against the steel crankwheels, lashing flames and radiant coals of the massive Infierno grill at Miller’s Guild, Jason Wilson resembles a legitimate Wizard of Oz"), and ended with this:

Those “beefs” aside, there’s a lot to love about Miller’s Guild (including swing-arm lamps that customers can dim or raise above the black-walnut tables). But its price point may limit its audience. A guy sitting next to me at the counter one night looked at the menu then said to his companion: “Let’s have a few things here, then head up to Quinn’s for a sloppy Joe.”

And voila—the new Sloppy Cicero, on the Miller's Guild lunch menu for $15. More at eater.com, where GM Jake Kosseff says it's all in good fun: "I think Providence is great. We have fun with her like we would with anyone else."