• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Caleb

Where: The Eagle

Buy Him A Shot Of: Jameson

Ask Him To Make You: Something easy.

What He’s Doing When He’s Not At The Bar: “Hanging out with my family and friends, mostly,” Caleb says. “I live with my mother in Laurelhurst and watch my niece every Wednesday until my sister picks her up at 5 pm. My little brother lives in Kirkland—I try to get out there to have jam sessions with him. He's pretty wicked on the guitar. I go out to dinner quite frequently with my best friends, Chad and Chuey. Don't usually have much time to go out since I work during the best parties at the Eagle, but I never miss Flammable at Re-bar every Sunday. The gays call it church.”

Words To Live By: Live, love, and be happy.