This week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling wasn't the beginning, and it's not likely to be the end:

For now, federal law bars corporations from making contributions to candidates, though they can spend what they like independently to support or oppose candidates. Contributions from individuals to candidates are capped at $2,600 per election. Individual contributions to political parties are capped, too. Public financing of elections is allowed.

All of those limits may be vulnerable under the reasoning of the McCutcheon and Citizens United decisions, as well as the “soft money” ban, which limits individual contributions to political parties even if the money is to be spent on activities unrelated to federal elections.

The next case may arrive soon.

In his dissent, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said the recent ruling "eviscerates our nation’s campaign finance laws." What does a beyond-eviscerated system look like? We're on our way to finding out.