Score one for the newspaper lobby! Read Brendan's detailed report on the bill, including its supporters and opponents, here. Inslee says in a statement:

Today I am vetoing this particular bill. I am also imposing until we get another crack at getting this right in the next legislative session a moratorium for all executive-branch state agencies on the purchase or use of unmanned aircraft systems for the next 15 months—until the Legislature has the opportunity to revisit these critical issues in the next session except for emergency purposes.

In the spirit of that effort, I’m also hoping that police chiefs and sheriffs in our local jurisdictions also refrain from acquiring or using these devices for the next 15 months except for emergency purposes such as natural disaster.

The reason for my veto is that this measure contains conflicting provisions on disclosure and destruction of personal information. This could lead to shielding government uses of this technology from public disclosure. We must ensure that government transparency and accountability are amply provided, which are not clearly guaranteed in this legislation.

That's weak, Inslee. The 15 month moratorium "shows exactly why we needed the bill in the first place," says ACLU Executive Director Kathleen Taylor.