"The police in this city scare the living fuck out of me." That's commenter Jubilation T. Cornball, in response to this story. Read more about it here.

City Hall: Starting to give a shit about women again. Kshama Sawant asks Ed Murray to address women's pay equity, for real.

Tenants Vs. Landlords: What kind of Seattle do you want to live in?

Meet the Opposition: Two new anti-$15/hour groups formed last month. Here's an interview with a small business owner who wasn't able to make do on the current minimum wage.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO: Piecora's is closing.

The Week in Police Beat: It was a week of black-market shrimp, orphaned spaces, and long bulges.

Bisexuality: Dan Savage talks about it.

More Like BADvertising: Capitol Hill was Jäger-bombed and orange biked this week.

Headline of the Week: "Isaac Hayes' Shaft Enters Library of Congress."

Understatement of the Week: "Courtney [Love] is a polarizing figure."

What'd He, Step on a Rusty Nail? Get a Shot, for Christ's Sake! Ohhhhh, wait. Tinnitus. Never mind.

I See Food, I Eat It: Here are some recommendations for sushi and oysters.

I Could Hear This Coming on YouTube Tonight: I can't believe Dave Segal shared this with the world.

Have You Seen "Hey Girl" Yet? I really think you'll like this video and song: