Immigrant Detainees Let Out of Solitary in Tacoma: Thank heavens for the ACLU, which had asked for an injunction against immigration authorities to get them released from solitary. KUOW profiles one of the detainees—whose wife and daughter live in Auburn—on hunger strike:

County sheriffs picked up Mendoza-Pascual for driving under the influence. Records confirm they found him in a parked truck. Mendoza-Pascual said he was waiting for his wife to get him, but the sheriffs arrived first. His case is still pending.

Mendoza-Pascual was convicted of a DUI in 2007.

Back at their home, Noriega showed off her husband’s handiwork. He built out the home’s whole interior – ceiling to floor.

Mendoza-Pascual’s wife lights candles every day, in prayer for his return home.

Above the wood stove, candles glow in front of a Bible. It’s a vigil for Mendoza-Pascual's return.

Noriega said she keeps the main light off to save on her utility bill. “We’ve had to ask for food stamps for the first time and go to a food bank,” she said.

Even after Noriega picked up extra shifts at work, money is still tight. They’ve burned through savings and sold what they could – including her husband’s truck and tools.

Judge Will Strike Down Ohio Gay Marriage Ban: Judge Timothy Black says the ban violates the 14th amendment, but "by announcing his intention ahead of his ruling, Black gave time for the state to prepare an appeal that may be filed as soon as he rules."

Let the Drones Roam: Governor Inslee vetoed a perfectly decent bill (apparently caving to the newspaper lobby?) yesterday that would have regulated sky robots.

We Can't Hold Military/CIA Officials Responsible for Killing US Citizens By Drone: That's according to a judge who just threw out a lawsuit by their families.

Plane Has A Pulse: A Chinese patrol ship has found an electronic pulse emanating from the southern Indian Ocean, according to the country's state media—it could be the black box from Malaysian Airlines plane MH370.

Afghans Go To the Polls: They're voting for a new US puppet president for the first time since 2009 today. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Anja Niedringhaus was shot dead while reporting on the election yesterday—see her intimate, deeply moving photos here.

That USAID Attempt to Create a Fake Twitter In Cuba? It's the tip of the iceberg.

THEY'RE UPROOTING THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREES AT UW! Or so many feared. The trees are old and had to be cut down, but new, healthier trees will be planted to replace them.

How much Wal-Mart's prices would go up if it paid its employees living wages: