Zebra Katz, Justin Bond, CHRISTEENE (clockwise)
  • Zebra Katz, Justin Bond, CHRISTEENE (clockwise)

Last year, the very first ’Mo-Wave Music and Arts Festival had more than 1,000 attendees—that’s a whole lotta queers (and people who love them)! Charging forth once more to smash tired stereotypes projected by mainstream culture, ’Mo-Wave masterminds Jodi Ecklund, Seth Garrison, and Marcus Wilson (along with visual art curators Steven Miller and Davora Lindner and performance director Matt Drews) have organized five days of events ranging across music, visual art, dance, and performance. The artists, musicians, and performers were chosen because they have a raw and unconventional talent and don’t easily fit into a neat category of “gay”—in fact, “queer” is the preferred term with these ’Mos.

“We appropriate the term ‘queer’ and use it as distinctly different from plain old ‘gay’ because we like the way it connotes weirdness,” say the organizers. “We firmly believe that rejecting the status quo is crucial to the cultural contributions of us deviants, and we seek to highlight that fact at every point. Damn right, we’re different. And that’s what makes us awesome.”

Speaking of awesome, this year’s festival once again showcases more incredible artists in every discipline than we have space for, but let’s learn more about ’Mo-Wave 2014’s three music headliners: CHRISTEENE, Zebra Katz, and Justin Bond!

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