Due to a speech in which Jeb Bush referred to illegal immigrants coming to America out of an "act of love," every media outlet is talking about Jeb Bush's presidential prospects in 2016 again. (Bush even said he'd decide by the end of the year if he's running in 2016.) There are roughly 300 stories about Jeb Bush on Google News today. But here, I think, are the most telling three stories about Jeb Bush that were written today:

1. Debra Heine at Breitbart embedded a video in which Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says he agrees with Bush's stance on immigration. This launched the usual torrent of Breitbart-y comments, all of which are against Jeb Bush:

And we surely trust a Democrat endorsement of a GOP establishment "let my people go" illegal lover.

wonder when Bush is going to come out of the politikal closet?

What a great endorsement! Looks like hitlery is going to have some competition to be the dimocrat nominee...

2. Ben Smith at BuzzFeed wrote an article titled "Why Jeb Bush Is A Terrible Candidate." The article argues that Bush has been out of the political game for 12 years, which is an eternity in presidential politics—especially for a Republican candidate who's been sidelined during the entire Teabagger craze. If Teabagger fever had completely dissipated, this would be a plus for Bush, but as the above Breitbarticle proves, there are still plenty of hard-right purity loons in the party who will die before they see someone who suggests that "illegals" are human beings get the nomination of the Republican Party again.

3. If you can ignore his tortured, weird porn analogy, Nick Gillespie at the Daily Beast argues that the concept of a Bush/Clinton race in 2016 would be off-putting for independents and young people who are sick of seeing the same two families in power. This could actually be a selling point for Republicans thinking of Jeb, though, because when fewer people vote, Republicans tend to win. And when older people vote, Republicans tend to win. So a Jeb Bush/Hillary Clinton race could inspire a wave of apathy large enough to propel Bush into the White House. But Bush will have to start sucking teabags pretty fucking soon if he wants to win the nomination of his party.

In conclusion: Nobody knows what they're talking about, and we still have to get through a midterm election before any of this stuff matters. The end!