The deranged shitstains at Breitbart launched their Breitbart California site with an ad campaign that... well, it has to be seen to be believed:


Click here to see what the photoshop whizzes at Breitbart did to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Says Mediate:

To help promote the new California-focused vertical, [Breitbart California] tapped political artist, and seemingly unstable human, Sabo, the man behind the Cruz posters, to design a series of street-art style graphics, including one of a shirtless, skateboarding hipster Andrew Breitbart, who is still dead, shredding the Hollywood Hills. Another depicts Mark Zuckerberg with a pair of breasts, because sure whatever. The artist explained on his Facebook page that he was surprised they actually ended up using the images. “I was shocked that they went with what I drew up because the posters are edgy as hell,” he wrote. Not sure if depicting Nancy Pelosi as Miley Cyrus with her tongue out, bent over before a flexing Jerry Brown, is edgy, but it’s definitely something. “One of the mean fears was that ‘progressives’ might hate us for the content of the posters… News flash people… they already hate us so fuck em!!” he wrote.

So what is Breitbart California... doing exactly? Breitbart News Executive Chairdouchebag Stephen K. Bannon attempt to explain explains here:

“Andrew Breitbart and I grew up in Los Angeles, and even as kids, were proud Angelinos and Californians,” said Breitbart News President and CEO Larry Solov. “The well-being of this state, not to mention the Dodgers, was always near and dear to our hearts. As adults, we would often lament to each other, ‘How do you screw up the greatest place on earth?’ We'll be examining that question and many others at Breitbart California, while never losing optimism that this state can still be a beacon and exemplar of freedom and prosperity. It’s with that optimism that we launch this new vertical from Los Angeles, where we founded Breitbart News.”

Thank God Andrew Breitbart didn't grow up here in Washington State. Otherwise we might've woken up this morning to images of a shirtless Jay Inslee sporting a giant pair of photoshopped boobies.

UPDATE: The rightwing's pathological and sexualized hatred for Nancy Pelosi—the first woman Speaker of the House—is as contemptible as it was predictable. For a glimpse of who Pelosi is a person, check out this really interesting, revealing, and humanizing conversation between Pelosi and Julia Louise-Dreyfus in Sunday's New York Times.