Writers Love Free Stuff, Don't They? The Hugo House announced today that they're accepting applications for two very different writing positions. First up, the application window is open for young (35 and under) Seattle authors to apply for the Made at Hugo House program, which is like a shared residency crossed with an ongoing class for writers. The Stranger wrote about Made at Hugo House when it first started; it's a great opportunity. If you're a more established writer, the Hugo House also announced that they're now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Prose Writer in Residence.

How Much Do You Care: Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of another magazine, and this one wastes no time and gets to objectifying her right away. I'm so excited I'm crying blood.

Riverdale Teen Dies: Apparently, Archie Andrews, the beloved comics character, is going to die in a new comic. Also, dig that creepy Alex Ross cover at the link.

A Radical (Theory) Sale: Verso Books, a publisher that has provided the best link between the heady regions of continental philosophy, academic political theory, Marxist/Socialist/Heterodox economics and the public is promoting its new online shop by "discounting ALL BOOKS by 50%." Even better: "for every print book you buy you will receive the bundled ebook for free! Over time you can build up your own library of ebooks, hosted on the site, available to re-download as you wish to any device." The frenzy ends on April 14. I bought this book, The New Way of the World: On Neoliberal Society, which is said to contiinue the work on neoliberalism that Michel Foucault began with his lectures in 1979, The Birth of Biopolitics.

But I recommend buying Costas Lapavitsas Profiting Without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All, which is by far the most important Marxist examination of the spectacular rise and current economic dominance of finance since the work by Paul Sweezy and others at Monthly Review. Lapavitsas is no dreamer. He knows what he it talking about, he sticks to what he is talking about, and he saves the speculation for the last pages in the last chapter.

Keeping with Obama-era militarism and Amazonian futurism, Verso is also delivering books by drones:

  • Image Used With Permission from Jessica Turner of Verso Books