The AV Club has a continuing feature called "Hatesong," in which a comedian or musician is interviewed about a song he or she really hates. Today, Joe Mande, a comedian and Parks and Recreation writer, goes after "Same Love." He spends the first few minutes of the interview clarifying that "I obviously support gay marriage." But he pretty quickly gets to work hating on the song:

You can tell just by his voice and how triumphantly he’s delivering the lyrics that he thinks he’s being so brave, but it’s like, “No. It’s 2014 and you’re a white dude with a Hitler-youth haircut.”

AVC: From Seattle.

JM: And you’re from Seattle. I’m pretty sure everyone can tell you believe in gay marriage. I’d be more surprised if he made a song about how he loves gluten. Like how gluten deserves equal rights. I’d be like, “Yeah, that’s really brave of him. That’s so cool of a guy from Seattle to say something cool about gluten.”

It's obviously no Rob Delaney pulling apart "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)," which I think is a classic of the comedians-dismantling-pop-songs genre, but it's a good criticism of a song that will no doubt result in Mande being slammed on Twitter by Macklemore fans. I'd encourage you to read the comments to the interview, too, which is full of great thoughts about the song, both pro and con. (There are also sidebar conversations about whether gluten allergies are a real thing or not, too. It's like the whole internet, wrapped up in one comment thread!)