See them hit New Orders Roland toms!
  • Emilie Bailey
  • See them hit New Order's Roland toms!

UK trio Factory Floor sling a postindustrial dance craft deeply into the inner reaches of outer space. The joystick in their cockpit has one big red button for the thrusters—no instructions needed. Minimal disco and house cycle bluntly, pulling you in by a tractor beam. The percussion that begins their self-titled DFA Records release sounds like a droid tapping on the lid of a Pringles can. Kick drum drops in, and the triangle is divided by squares. Nik Colk Void's ghostly cyborg vocals issue unintelligible decrees. Her singing is monotone, affected, and sovereign. You will do as she says and report your waveform to the dance floor. Since 2005, founding members Gabriel Gurnsey and Dominic Butler have been suturing together minimal, hard-hitting sonics. Void plays guitar and manipulates her vocals with samples, Gurnsey plays drums and drum machines, and Butler operates modular synths and electronics. Factory Floor's early shows garnered them a loyal London fan base. Since then, they've worked with Throbbing Gristle, Trent Reznor, and Stephen Morris of Joy Division/New Order. Their latest release was recorded on the same mixing desk Dave Stewart used to make the Eurythmics' early hits. Void and Gurnsey spoke from Manchester, where they were working on a remix for Liars.

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