Last week, the internet gathered to protest (and eventually unseat) Mozilla's CEO, who had made a large donation to an anti-gay cause. This week, the internet is looking to Drop Dropbox. It was announced yesterday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had joined the board of online storage company Dropbox. It didn't take long for a protest to begin. TechCrunch explains the story so far.

The reasons why Rice shouldn't be on Dropbox's board are explained on They're citing Rice's new position as an ethical problem, not a political one. Here are the bullet points:

Why Condoleezza Rice should not hold power at Dropbox

She helped start the Iraq War
She was involved in the creation of the Bush administration's torture program
Rice not only supports warrantless wiretaps, she authorized several
Rice was on the Board of Directors at Chevron

This won't be an easy fight to win: Mozilla needs the public's sentiment on its side as an open-source company in the shadow of Google. Dropbox has become ubiquitous in recent years, and it's harder to force a utility into accountability. But if you don't want Rice to be a part of your daily internet use, you can make your voice heard over here.