The Washington State Hunting Forum brings news of a special gun-related holiday happening the Saturday after next:

On April 19th at precisely 9 AM (noon Eastern Time), you are encouraged to be at a range or safe place to shoot to fire off one round in celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington & Concord (the start of the 1st US Revolutionary War), and as a reminder to the citizenry of the US that our freedom was won with guns and will be kept intact with guns. Send a message that's loud and clear.

This is an event called "The Shot Heard Around the US," and here's the Facebook page, where 4,600 gun owners have pledged to take the shot. The Facebook page warns, "Please only participate in a peaceful and lawful manner. We don't need to give the anti-gunners any ammo!" (No pun intended, I'm sure.) Lots of users are reiterating that call for safety: "This should Go without saying, but remember everybody don't shoot into the air," someone writes on the event. These pleas for safe gunplay make sense, because the last time gun nuts tried to hold a national holiday, five people were injured by gunshot wounds all around the country.

And as you might expect, the Facebook page is packed with people who still somehow think that President Obama, in his remaining two years in office, is somehow going to seize every gun in America:

I WON'T go QUIETLY into the night. BUT I'll tell you now, words DO not and WILL not work with THIS Senate. There is NOTHING LEGAL about this government. THEY have subverted the Constitution, TOTALLY destroying ANY legality. They DIDN'T have that RIGHT or that POWER. Obama is NOT a king. NOR is he God.

I'm a Texas girl all the way. If you want my guns come try to take them. I got something for ya. I believe in God as my salvation. I love my family and country and I'm ready to fight for all. Get ride of the racist president and all of his chronies.

Other folks on the page are taking the opportunity to call for the assassination of people in power on "Shot Heard Round the US" day. A screenshot of one such thread—packed with racism and ignorance, so consider yourself warned—is after the jump:



Be careful out there, everyone.