SRIRACHA Delicious on food, disruptive to daily life?
  • SRIRACHA Delicious on food, disruptive to daily life?

UN Approves Force for Central African Republic: "The U.N. Security Council on Thursday unanimously approved a nearly 12,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping force for Central African Republic, which has been torn by mounting violence between Christians and Muslims," reports the AP. "The 10,000 U.N. troops and 1,800 police will take over from 5,000 African Union soldiers—but not until Sept. 15."

Russian Withholdings: "The Russian government declined to provide the F.B.I. with information about one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects that would most likely have led to more extensive scrutiny of him at least two years before the attack," reports the NYT.

Greece Bomb: "A bomb exploded outside a Bank of Greece building in central Athens before dawn Thursday, causing some damage but no injuries," reports the BBC.

To Paraphrase Mary J. Blige, Where's the 911?: CenturyLink apologizes for last night's 911 outage in Washington State.

Yay!: The youngest survivor of the Oso landslide—24-week-old Duke Suddarth—has been released from the hospital.

Nein: "The US government has refused to grant Angela Merkel access to her NSA file, adding to the growing frustration with Washington over its failure to clear up remaining questions about the monitoring of the German chancellor's phone," reports the Guardian.

And That Was Before the Stabbings: Pa. high school stabbing suspect Alex Hribal described as not 'well-liked.'

One More Reason Not to Marry Kids: A child bride forced into marriage in Nigeria confesses to killing her groom and three of his friends with a poisoned meal.

Million-Dollar Payouts: Hewlett-Packard to pay $108 million to settle a scandal over the bribery of public officials, while Bank of America has agreed to pay $783 million in fines and refunds to settle accusations it misled customers about its credit card services.

Hot Sauce Problems: "Officials in California have declared the production of sriracha, the wildly popular chili sauce, a public nuisance because of the smell," reports the Guardian. "Irwindale's city council voted unanimously on Wednesday night to give the manufacturer an ultimatum to reduce the odour itself or have officials march in and do it themselves."

Finally, happy birthday to Q-Tip, rapper/producer with the legendary A Tribe Called Quest, born on this day in 1970.