FINDING VIVIAN MAIER Damn right shell photograph the kid shes supposed to be nannying lying wounded in the street.
  • FINDING VIVIAN MAIER Damn right she'll photograph the kid she's supposed to be nannying lying wounded in the street.

As Jen Graves writes:

Vivian Maier's name began appearing in news reports around 2010, a year after her death and three years after John Maloof bought a box of her street photographs at auction. He was just looking for pictures of Chicago history, but he discovered a devoted artist who shot at least a roll of film every day—yet never showed her work to anyone. Why?

As the full weirdness of that central mystery unfurls in the gripping documentary Finding Vivian Maier, another enigma emerges: Maier herself, a gold mine of a character. She was, in short, a shady lady. Even the directors seem startled by what they find on the trail of the peripatetic nanny behind the Rolleiflex...

Find screening times for Finding Vivian Maier here.

Also opening today: the horror flick Oculus, described by Courtney Ferguson thusly:

The premise of Oculus is ridiculously stupid. Introducing…Oculus, the mirror that kills, haunted with the ghosts of centuries of tormented souls—look into its depths and you, too, will go mad, bloodthirsty for mayhem and gore! Oculus will lure you in when you need to check your hair or makeup, or exploit your paunchy self-doubt regarding that breakfast of doughnuts. Yes, that is schmutz on your face—now go kill! Kill! KILL! OCULUS! Strangely enough, Oculus—thanks to good pacing, a smart script, and a solid cast—is much better than any flick about a murderous mirror has any right to be....

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