The state gets dinged by consumer advocacy group WashPIRG in a new report mainly because it hasn't made clear how its record-breaking corporate tax breaks actually benefit the citizenry. The Olympian reports:

Washington remains in the second tier of states – No. 18 overall – for disclosures, according to the report issued this week by the Washington affiliate of the U.S. PIRG...

For instance, lawmakers authorized more than $3 billion in tax breaks for aerospace in 2003 and another $8.7 billion last year – both aimed at keeping certain operations of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Washington.

"What we find is we are unable to check the projected benefits with the actual benefits," [Program Associated Chris] Esh said. "There’s not a centralized place where you can compare the projected benefits and job creation versus what actually happened."

Boeing told employees yesterday it's moving yet more jobs out of the Puget Sound region. This time, it's 1,000 engineering jobs being transferred Seattle to California.

So the company seems to be creating jobs. Just not around here.