INTRUDER is a collective of emerging Seattle cartoonists. This piece is by Marc Palm.
  • Courtesy of Fantagraphics
  • INTRUDER A collective of emerging Seattle cartoonists, including this piece is by Marc Palm.

Paul Constant: "Tonight, I'm going to the reading for Kevin Young's excellent book of poetry at Hugo House. Tomorrow, I'm either going to Lorrie Moore or the Intruder launch party. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Both are free, but one is one of the best short-story writers in America, and the other is a big deal for the local comics scene. Sunday is for recreational drug use and self-loathing."

Dominic Holden: "I'm chaining myself to my kitchen table all weekend to write a one-man show about the times I asked anti-gay Christians why they hate me and times I've done embarrassing stuff that gives those Christians good reason to hate me."

Kelly O: "I'm 'Mo-Wave-ing all weekend (GAY!), with break on Sunday to go see a demo derby (STRAIGHT!) at the Spring Fair at the Washington State Fair."

Christopher Frizzelle: "Going dancing at Emerald City Soul Club at LoFi on Saturday night. And seeing Justin Bond at Chop Suey on Sunday."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I am going to drink deeply of white sangria and eat a bocadillo at Chico Madrid for the last time (SIGH). Seeing the triumphant return of Tacocat plus Sashay and 117 other amazing bands at Chop Suey for 'Mo Wave on Saturday night (though the shows tonight and Sunday look unstoppably great, too). Sunbathing. More smelling of flowers."

David Schmader: "Tonight I'm going to see the opening extravaganza of the 'Mo Wave festival starring Ononos and Christeen, tomorrow night I'm going the final performance of Charles' Moby Alpha at the Ballard Underground, and on Sunday I'll probably go see Rob the Mob again, because I need more of Nina Arianda on the big screen and I love the new Sundance. (Assigned seating in huge comfortable chairs, full bar service in the lobby, and not prohibitively expensive!)"

Charles Mudede: This weekend I'm going to devote a long walk (probably along the leafy part of Beacon Hill Ave) to thinking about the bizarre African sex scene in Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Volume II. What the hell is that about? Why is it so wrong? Some answers may come out of that walk.

Emily Nokes: "After five weeks on tour, I am going to celebrate my first night back in Seattle by getting crazy at 'Mo-Wave tomorrow! I'm going to hug everyone's faces off! I'm also going to consume as much Little Uncle pad thai as possible because I've been missing it like crazy. Sunday is another great day of 'Mo-Wave, but I might be in a sleep coma with my cat until work on Monday. I hope my co-workers remember me!"