• Roger Hampson

Godflesh main man Justin Broadrick's discography could fill this paper. The Birmingham, England, guitarist/vocalist's insanely productive and variegated career began when he was a teen with grindcore avatars Napalm Death in the mid 1980s. Too restless to toil in that group's one-dimensional style, Broadrick took total control of his musical destiny after short stints in Fall of Because and Head of David and started Godflesh with bassist G.C. Green. That unit became Broadrick's most iconic project. From 1988 to 2001, Godflesh perpetrated one of history's most powerful collisions of bombastically funky beats, blasted dubscapes, and pulverizing guitar and bass riffs, all topped by Broadrick's witheringly bleak lyrics and gruff vocals, which make drill sergeants sound like Mr. Rogers. Godflesh's self-titled mini LP and Streetcleaner were industrial metal's big bangs, their tremors inspiring scores of bands, including Pelican and Atari Teenage Riot. Godflesh make music that inspires you to fight the war to end all wars, triggering feelings of omnipotent invulnerability. Broadrick's demeanor in the following interview, though, was perfectly cheerful.

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