According to this police report, officers arrived at the parking lot of a nightclub on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and found a group of females attending to a female who was down on the ground. The one on the ground had a deep cut on her left cheek. The nightclub at that time was mostly empty, and the few people who were still around had nothing to say about why the woman was on the ground and had a laceration on her face. The street law of no snitching appeared to be in full effect. However, a woman who claimed to be the victim's mother stated she and her daughter were in the club's outside seating area when a female unknown to her, the suspect, exploded into a loud argument with a man who was also unknown to her.

The mother thought the woman was going to assault the male with a bottle, so she intervened to prevent the assault. The suspect then became angry and shoved the meddling mother away. At this point, the daughter confronted the suspect and a fight erupted. At one point, the mother alleges, a knife entered the fight from seemingly nowhere. This weapon (described as a small folding knife) was used to cut the daughter's face and claim the fight. Once the victim was defeated, the suspect and her male partner fled the scene in a Cadillac DeVille. The license plate number of this vehicle, however, was captured as it departed. At the time of this report, this important piece of information did not lead the police to the suspect. The victim's wound was treated by the Seattle Fire Department.

Yes, this was a bad situation, but if a gun had been involved, it could easily have ended in a fatality.