Hundreds Still Missing After Ferry Sinks: Calling it South Korea's "worst maritime disaster in decades, Korea JoojaAng Daily reports that 491 people—mostly high school students—were aboard a ferry when it sank off the country's southern coast. Some were rescued, but 291 are still unaccounted for.

According to broadcaster YTN, families of at least two missing students received resigned text messages directly after the accident. One message sent by a son to his mother at 9:27 a.m. read: “Mom, I’m sending this because I may not be able to say this again. I love you.”

A Deadline for Dealing With Underfunded Schools: The Washington State Supreme Court has given the legislature an April 30 ultimatum to make a plan for raising 1 billion to fund K-12 schools. This is after justices found years ago that the state was failing its "paramount duty" and ordered the legislature to find revenue. Still, the Seattle Times doesn't think the legislature should raise taxes as long as lawmakers leave a "legacy of bipartisanship."

What if We're Greeted as Liberators But the Reporters Are Too Dead to Report on It?: Iraq is still the nation where journalists are most likely to be "killed without consequences."

Breaking!—Boeing Workers Resent Boeing: Seattle Times aerospace reporter Dominic Gates got a hold of some internal Boeing documents. They reveal that since Boeing threatened to push 1,000 engineering jobs out of state, there's been internal dissent, widespread threats of resignations, and heated meetings:

The official summary notes from those meetings, reviewed by The Seattle Times, show the feedback is unrelentingly negative. “Employees feel betrayed, upset,” said one manager in a January meeting. “Almost on a daily basis, we continue to see morale erode away,” said another in February.

“More and more negativity—people out looking for jobs,” reported one Flight and Systems Technologies sub-unit manager in March. “Negativity is spreading throughout the team—numerous people—not just a few.”

Is Obamacare Working? "Gallup reports that states which fully embraced the law by setting up their own exchanges and expanding their Medicaid programs saw their uninsured rate drop this year three times faster than the states that didn’t," says the Washington Post.

Should We Save Metro Bus Service? A fight between both sides.

No Felony Charge for Seattle Firefighters: The two firefighters and a woman who were with them in March are accused of beating a homeless man in Pioneer Square. Country prosecutors say there's not enough evidence for a felony conviction; they've referred the case to city officials to consider lesser misdemeanor charges.

Well-Funded Counterpoint to the NRA: Two gun-control groups are merging into a new croup called Everytown for Gun Safety, which plans to use a $50 million pledge from former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg to "hold public officials accountable for their stance on gun-related issues and make it a key issue for voters at the ballot box," CBS reports.

Alleged Boston Bomb Hoax: "Kevin Edson of Boston is expected to face charges of purporting a hoax and disturbing the peace after dropping a backpack containing a rice cooker filled with confetti near the Boston Marathon finish line," the Christian Science Monitor reports.