(Showbox at the Market) For those of you who thought Daft Punk’s most recent work wasn’t quite yacht-disco enough, Chromeo are here to scratch that itch in your sequined white denim. Featuring cheeky lyrics, ’80s-aping drum machines, and synthesizer lines smooth enough to do a line of coke off, their music borders on parody, and none of it would work if the songs didn’t stick. Amazingly, they do. Their all-time classic remains “Night by Night,” an incandescent vocoder-laced dance-floor anthem, but their subsequent releases have maintained an alarming consistency, equally stimulating your lizard brain and the funk in your trunk. Hedonistically winking electronic acts don’t get much more reliable than these fellows. “Next time you’re feeling down, turn that frown into a crown,” pretty much sums it up: dumb as rocks yet undeniably feel-good. With TOKiMONSTA.
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