The Associated Press lays out the basics:

Police are investigating possible charges against people who staged a fake kidnapping in a park, terrifying parents and children who thought it was real. Onlookers in the park watched as a minivan with two masked men pull up and one man jumped out, grabbed a toddler and took off. He was the boy’s father. He later returned and explained the incident was recorded to create a video for social media on child abduction prevention and awareness.

That did little to calm down the incident's freaked-out witnesses:

Witness Tiffany Barnett chased the van for about a block in an unsuccessful attempt to get the license plate number. “I was shaking and bawling when I was running, and then I felt like a failure for not getting the information,” Barnett said. Learning the incident was staged “was like a big slap in the face,” she said.

Further details come from the Peninsula Daily News:

Two brothers who said they staged a fake child abduction at Carrie Blake Park have posted a new video of the event and apologized “to who ever was at the park.”

“We made this video to help prevent and to show how real an abduction can be,” according to text that accompanies the video, which includes Facebook links to Jason and Jeremy Holden at the bottom. “We needed real reactions and didn't mean to harm anyone,” the text said.

Curiously, most of the other videos on the TwinzTV Youtube page offer a parade of straight-up pranks, interrupted by a lone "prevention and awareness video":


...which maybe suggests the presentation of the latest video as a "prevention and awareness" tool is an ass-covering maneuver? Whatever the case, you can watch the video at the heart of the matter after the jump.