Found: one lonely Sin Dawg at QFC
  • Found: one lonely Sin Dawg at QFC

Have you tried a Dave's Killer brand Sin Dawg? Have you? Whatever you think about the founder's past and present troubles with the law (if you click that link, make sure you make it until the sixth paragraph), Dave does indeed make some killer bread, but the Sin Dawg is especially special—made even more coveted, no doubt, because I don't come across them that often. I check for the Dawg every time I'm in the Killer Breads section, and if I'm lucky, I will maaaaybe find one. Just one, laying there in the bread pound, waiting for a good home. Occasionally there will be a small litter of them next to the Peace Bombs, but that is rare, and often times they just aren't carried.

To be fair, the Sin Dawg does not look awesome. It's a long brown tube of gooey bread with sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds all over it—a "100% whole grain organic cinnamon-sugar bread roll" the package states. Seeded hippie bread rolled around sweet cinnamon goo? I initially thought it would be yuck, especially since I'm more of a sugar purist, preferring to keep my sweets out of the "attempted healthy" zone (looking at you carob chips), but damn, Sin Dawgs rule!

The goo-to-bread ratio is just right, and the seeds add necessary texture without tasting like that summer you bought Tevas. The cinnamon and sugar are deliciously grainy—I know "grainy" isn't the best food adjective, but again, you gotta get some texture in there with all that squishy bread. You can cut it into slices, or just gnaw on it like a vaguely-obscene-looking burrito in the privacy of your own home.