Justin Baragona at Politicus says:

Participants of the A&E reality show ‘Duck Dynasty’ had scheduled a stage show in Springfield, MO. The show, titled ‘Faith, Family & Ducks,’ was supposed to take place April 26th at Springfield’s 11,000-seat JQH Arena. Tickets were on sale for $37, $50 and $58. The show was to be a mix of live music and lectures from the ‘Dynasty’ cast members, where they would discuss their faith and perhaps do some preaching and/or inspirational speaking.

The show has been canceled due to low ticket sales. If the Duck Dynasty people can't sell out a show in Missouri, you know their popularity is on the wane. I'd like to attribute this to the American people getting smarter, or growing less tolerant of bigotry. But honestly, I think this is just a case of some greedy assholes overexposing themselves in the hunt for big media cash.