If You Haven't Read Dominic Holden's Feature on Police Reform in Seattle: You should get to it as soon as you can. How's police reform going under Mayor Ed Murray? Not so hot:

Pugel embodied reform. Sanford embodied reform. Whitcomb embodied reform. And look what's happened to them. The Murray administration claims to support progress, but proves it will actually punish the officers behind it.

"People have been keeping their heads down and doing the bare minimum," said one officer when asked about the mood at SPD. "There is an atmosphere of fear."...

One particularly well-placed officer at SPD, who asked not to be named in this article for fear of retribution (a different officer than the one mentioned before), talked about it like this: "I don't think the mayor or his staff had any idea what they were doing when they canned the people they canned and promoted the people they promoted."

Earthquake: A 7.5 magnitude earthquake just hit Mexico this morning, in the southwestern state of Guerrero. There aren't any reports out yet on damages.

Avalanche: An avalanche on Mount Everest this morning killed at least 12 Sherpa guides; at least four people are still missing and six are injured. A search and rescue operation is under way.

Ukraine Deal Isn't Holding: Russia, Ukraine, the EU, and the US all agreed in Geneva yesterday for militants to stand down, disarm, and stop occupying buildings in exchange for amnesty. Now there's a standoff, with a group in Donetsk refusing to budge.

Early This Morning in West Seattle: A man was stabbed in the chest after he answered a knock at his front door, according to the SPD Blotter.

Tragic Pedestrian Death in North Seattle: Sandhya Khadka, 17, was hit and killed by a truck as she walked to catch a bus on Monday, at the intersection of 5th Avenue NE and NE 115th Street in North Seattle. Last night, 200 people held a candlelight vigil for Khadka and gathered signatures to petition the city for a crosswalk at the site.

That Complicated, Year-Long Compromise Measure on Rideshares in Seattle? It's now on hold, after rideshare companies gathered signatures for a referendum that would suspend those rules.

Chelsea Clinton: Is going to have a baby. Unsurprisingly, everyone's being a total monster about it, because that's how the media treats Chelsea Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's new book has a title: Hard Choices.

A Weird Analysis from the Economist: Pope Francis as a "turnaround CEO." "When Pope Francis celebrated his first Easter as CEO, just after being appointed, the world’s oldest multinational was in crisis..."

Snowden Asks a Question, People Get Mad: Yesterday, Edward Snowden asked Vladimir Putin about Russian surveillance programs on a question-and-answer TV show; Putin denied and dodged and suddenly everyone was all, "Edward, why'd you lob him a softball? Lame." But Snowden, in a Guardian op-ed, says he was deliberately creating a public record of Putin's position on spying that will undoubtedly be proven a lie.

For no real reason at all, here's six of my favorite seconds: