(Lo-Fi) Have you heard Seattle psych-garage freakers Night Beats’ most recent album, Sonic Bloom, yet? Released last fall, as a first album pressing for new label the Reverberation Appreciation Society (produced by the Austin Psych Fest), Bloom is a stoner’s sonic paradise—and a dirty, skuzzy homage to garage-rock godfathers the 13th Floor Elevators and to the melodic genius of the Zombies. The spacey guitar reverb and swirling pyschedelia on this album are best consumed with a nice side of marijuana. I’m just being honest. And unlike in Austin, Texas, that marijuana stuff is legal here now. Like track six on Bloom, in Seattle, you’re free to “Satisfy Your Mind.” With the Pharmacy and Black Sea. KELLY O
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(Chapel Performance Space) Organized by Norm Chambers (aka local ambient-music star Panabrite), this night should be an essential exhibition of synth-based music. Poland’s Piotr Kurek combines impeccable and eerie melodic grace with a questing tone palette. His music seems geared for off-beat horror films and the academy, but it has an anything-can-happen sensibility that’s rare in the latter place. Kurek’s Heat album is a Rhodes-heavy compendium of deep, cosmic tone poetry that encompasses many moods. Portland’s Matt Carlson plays keyboards in the fab, Terry Riley-esque Thrill Jockey Records duo Golden Retriever. As a solo artist, he’s a wonderfully inventive designer of Byzantine textural edifices. Carlson’s the closest thing we have to a young Morton Subotnick and Conrad Schnitzler in the American underground. Seattle’s Kaori Suzuki builds her own synthesizer interfaces through her company Magic Echo Music and composes, too, but has no music online. It’s doubtful, though, that Chambers would steer you wrong. DAVE SEGAL
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The Orb’s show at last year’s Decibel was a nostalgic trawl through their most beloved ’90s cuts. And the crowd seemed totally okay with that. The ambient-dub legends concluded that sometimes it’s best to give fans exactly what they crave. If Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann offered us an hour-long “Towers of Dub” capped with 20-minute versions of “Little Fluffy Clouds,” “Perpetual Dawn,” and “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain…,” very few would complain. Now, while some gripe about their post-Orblivion output, you can still find solid tracks scattered throughout Cydonia, Bicycles & Tricycles, and Okie Dokie It’s the Orb on Kompakt. So keep an open mind. The Orb have soundtracked so many people’s best highs and trips with their earthy/spacey jams, they’ve earned eternal good karma. With Nordic Soul. Neumos, 8 pm, $20 adv, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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The High & Tight crew score big again with Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Carlos Souffront. A part-time member of the excellent electro unit Ectomorph, Souffront’s best known for his distinctive DJ sets that traverse many rhythmic modes and stylistic quirks. He knows how to keep things fun while also challenging a crowd—a rare skill. With Cody Morrison and Carlos Ruiz. Kremwerk, 9 pm, $7 adv, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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The Eastside's youngest indie-rock phenoms—Special Explosion—are growing up. Those familiar with their irresistibly catchy crunch-guitar breakthrough single "Lifeguard" or with the following Doug Martsch-infused gaze worship on Past/Future, might be surprised to hear of their signing to foremost Boston-based emo label Topshelf Records. Tonight is the release show for The Art of Mothering EP, which expands on their Northwest indie-rock crunch-gaze to something more subdued, even coddling. Andy and Lizzy Costello's vocals perfectly balance each other with non-cloying sincerity, while guitar obsessives also have much to relish here, as this record will merit multiple listens for its meticulous and gorgeously toned guitar lines. Tonight also marks the final show for Us on Roofs, with support from Kelso exports Seacats and new band Mallows , who feature members of Nude Pop. Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $10. BRITTNIE FULLER
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Local experimental label Table & Chairs will be bringing the avant-weird to Ballard Jazz Walk all weekend, but be sure not to miss this excellently billed all-ages show. Racer Sessions–related supergroup King Tears Bat Trip's post-music-school vibes are heavy, with four drummers, tenor sax, noise guitar, and the Chango—a computer-generated sound interface Bat Tripper Brandon Lucia created himself. Their debut recording is a parallel post-jazz universe of anthemic, disjointed melodies muddled in a dizzying drum blitz, and was one of the best local releases of 2012. Similarly out-there, Japanese Guy is guitarist Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes), keyboardist/saxophonist Andrew J.S., and drummer Chris Icasiano. The follow-up to their self-titled full-length released last year, Tat, was recently recorded at the Unknown in Anacortes. While the release date is currently TBD, there will be digital copies exclusively available at the festival. Abandoning typical pop-song structures, and bearing little resemblance to Skjelset's indie-famous baroque-folk-rock band, this minimalist, free-form trio is "an exploration in improvisation as writing and recording." It's worth exploring. With Netcat and Cavity Fang. Salmon Bay Eagles Club, 5216 20th Ave NW, 8 pm, $30. BRITTNIE FULLER

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