Olympia Pizza & Spaghetti House III

If booze makes you cocky, braggy, and self-assured, pot makes you curious, silent, and strangely in touch with the cosmos. Which is why—for some of us—liquor and dope are two great tastes that go great together, creating a state of mind in which you're supremely confident that the universe is one. On one condition: that you can drink in a place that's not too intense (i.e., dark, hidden, and with little requirement to socialize) and has plenty of cheese. That's what Olympia Pizza & Spaghetti House III is all about. The booths are like wombs. The servers are kind. The booze is strong. And most of all, the kitchen is pretty much a conveyor belt that delivers mozzarella to your face. (516 15th Ave E, 329-4500) DOMINIC HOLDEN

Fort St. George

You know what's better than eating chocolate popcorn at the Cinerama (see here) when you're baked? The spaghetti at Fort St. George!!! Why does a Japanese bar in the International District have 10 different varieties of spaghetti (served with a side of miso soup)?

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