So Long Rodney Tom: Here's the news. Here's his legacy.

$15 Minimum Wage Movement Files Ballot Measure: Go read this story if you haven't already. Seriously, read it. Nick Licata is talking about how to enforce a wage hike. And if you're interested, here's what happened to wage hike panic in San Jose.

10 Ways Mayor Murray Can Fix the SPD: A list by Dominic Holden.

Same Shit, Different (May) Day: SPD says they're expecting this May Day to be like last May Day.

Jen Graves Named Pulitzer Finalist: YAAAAAAAAAAY, JEN GRAVES!

Western University's Whiteness Controversy: According to Mike Gore, it's a non-controversy.

Cancer or Jobs: That's the decision Governor Inslee will have to make, some say.

SPD's Next Police Chief: Will probably not be local.

They Want Low-Income Artist Housing: And they're ready to line up for it.

We Want a Bicycle Master Plan: And we want it now.

No Fluoride, No Pee: Portland really doesn't like stuff in its water.

Crit Pix Sex Flix : Variety reviews HUMP! Here's a HUMP! FAQ, too.

What Price Facial Hair? Have we reached peak beard? If so, how many blades should people have on their razors?

Bad Luck Is Not Bad Design: In praise of the International District Link station.

The Sad Ballad of Bundy Ranch: First every conservative loved Cliven Bundy. Then no conservative politician would talk about him. And then Glenn Beck disowned him.

Gooey and Bready and Delicious: In search of the Sin Dawg.