• Charles Donaldson

It is Saturday night, and 2312—a relatively new venue in Belltown—contains a cloud of ganja smoke. There is no place in the space to escape it. Every breath you take makes your head lighter and lighter until, finally, you are high. The source of this intoxicating smoke is a table near the entrance of 2312. At first appearance, it looks like the men behind the table are serving booze, but upon closer inspection, it's revealed that they are promoting something to do with marijuana—bongs, bottles, lighters, slow burning.

"It's Fearce OG Kush," explains BeanOne, a local veteran producer and the organizer of this private event, which is promoting the products and enterprises of Yuk the World, a business venture he started with the rapper Fearce Vill. (Fearce is one of three rappers in the local hiphop group Dyme Def.) "The strain was first made by Gold Leaf Gardens. They told us that it's the extracted elements of Fearce's DNA and particular parts of his brain matter," BeanOne says with a straight face. "The oil concentrate was made by X-tracted. They are the ones at the table. They're offering samples." From X-tracted's website: "X-tracted is a team of professionals, chemists, concentrate gurus, and industry insiders dedicated to the production of the finest concentrated cannabis products."

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