Monster Planet marks four years of audio-visual surrealism at Re-bar tonight. Headed by DJ Manos and Gel-Sol, the monthly event typically features about a half dozen musicians—mostly synthesizer players and laptop jockeys, with the occasional drummer—creating on the fly before twisted imagery provided by Decibel Festival/Scarecrow Video mainstay Leo Mayberry. His arsenal of B-movie footage complements the bizarre improvisations coming out of the speakers, making for a truly disorienting and amusing experience. It's not unusual for the mood at Monster Planet to shift from whimsical to sinister to tranquil to chaotic with the logic of a Robitussin™-augmented dream.

Monster Planet has been one of the best Monday nights out in this city since 2010. Tonight's lineup continues the tradition of high-quality sonic iconoclasts with Gel-Sol, Derek M. Johnson, Randall Skrásek (Rainbow Wolves), Jonathan Carr (Patternmaster, Brain Fruit), and John Felthous. More info on this free event here.