Courtesy of Christian Petersen

There's a delightfully surreal quality to walking into Q, a cavernous, beautifully furnished nightclub on Capitol Hill, and seeing people sitting on picnic blankets in the middle of the dance floor, staring at hypnotic visualizations displayed on the wall. That's probably the sight you can expect tonight if you hit up Rare Air, the new ambient/New Age night that turned people on and tuned them out in February. Put together by DJs Explorateur and Veins, the night promises rare, eclectic cuts that explore the trippier, pupil-widening side of electronic and alternative music, often evolving from noisier and more improvised sounds to the glacial, beatific best of ambient.

The show will include a guest DJ set from Struggle (Shawn Kralicek) and a live show by Gel-Sol, whose clanky, ominous new album Zetaworld buzzes with a particularly sludgy palette of menacing beats and zonked-out synth work.

If this sounds like your cup of (weed?) tea, hit up this refreshing (and free) evening of experimental blissout.