This '60s English group, Dantalian's Chariot, was Hammond R&B band leader Zoot Money and guitarist Andy Somers, AKA Andy Summers (later with the Animals and the Police) outfitted in technicolor and paisley. The group played well known London clubs, the Middle Earth and the UFO, obviously they were sussed, but they never saw the charts. In fact, they only made a single 45, "Madman Running Through the Fields" b/w "Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud," a single which is now highly regarded among 'heads.

After the 45, they recorded an album's worth of material, but were dropped from their label Columbia, so it went unissued at the time; it wasn't until the mid-'90s that their unreleased material was issued by Tenth Planet as Chariot's Rising.


Lucky for me, I just happened to see the Tenth Planet album has been reissued by Spain's Wah Wah label. I'M STOKED YOU GUYS. See, I somehow missed buying the album the FIRST time and even with teh internet it's been tough to track down an affordable copy. Uh... sure I DO have the CD, but like... owning a CD of an LP that I want don't really COUNT for shit to this record nerd!! Too, this reissue looks fancier than the '90s issue, as it has a proper English '60s flip back sleeve!! (nerd swoon)