Yesterday, I was horrified by Avril Lavigne's new video. Today, I'm in love with the new video for Lily Allen's "Sheezus."

First of all, it's a delightful video. The animation keeps everything visually interesting, and Allen's literal in-your-facedness is refreshing, too—she's aggressive and happy and menacing and inviting and snotty from moment to moment. But the song is pretty great, too. Besides the obvious Kanye West ripoff of the title, the chorus involves a battle royale between Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lorde, and Rihanna. It's at once a dis track and a mockery of tabloid culture, where only one woman can be at the top of the pop charts at a time. Allen somehow manages to strike a pose and mock that pose at the exact same time.

Like all of Allen's work, I don't think "Sheezus" will age well, but it's exactly what pop radio needs right now: A laid-back, sarcastic track full of personality and swagger. It's not the song of the summer, but it'll get me through spring just fine.