Maybe it's the part-change coupled with the chorus ("And I'll try to live defeated/Come and see/The good in everything"), which comes at a time when we're tunneling out of a dark period and really starting to see the good in everything, because the spring is upon us. Maybe it's that this band was introduced to me via this video, in which the front-area dude smokes a cigarette and drinks whiskey throughout a song whose chorus includes the line "I will not have a drink," or maybe it's just because the song, along with the rest of the album, happens to be all-around excellent.

Unfortunately, it's so much so that I can't turn it off.

Does anyone else have this problem? You find a record, quickly grow to love it, and then you can't listen to anything else until you've played it to death? You play it for friends and become perplexed when they don't seem as amazed as they should be. You play it at work, at the gym, at your beer party, on the bus, in your car, when you wake up in the morning, and maybe before you go to bed at night. Eventually you can't bear to listen to it ever again, and you shelve it for weeks, months, or even years. Maybe you even forget about it. Then you stumble across it in your collection after the passing of time, throw it on, and it brings you back to that period in your life when you couldn't turn it off, and all the nostalgia makes you glow inside.