After the Shameful Defeat of Prop 1, Seattle Could Use a Little Good News: And here it is!

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture is bringing back a funding program supporting arts jobs for Seattle arts, cultural and heritage organizations. Arts Mean Business will provide one-time funds for pivotal jobs that will make a difference in an organization’s ability to sustainably carry out its mission. Priority will be given to arts, cultural and heritage organizations that reflect, represent and serve historically underserved populations—communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, and those who are differently-abled who use the arts as a way to serve these communities. The application deadline is 11 p.m., Wednesday, June 11.

Don't Read? Here, Have a Free Book: Today is Shakespeare's birthday, which means that right now, people around the world are giving away books for free. This is a celebration of World Book Night, in which publishers team with independent booksellers to supply copies of books for volunteers to deliver to non-reading audiences. (Here's an account of what it's like to give books away as part of World Book Night.) It's too late to sign up for this event now, but we'll tell you when sign-up time arrives next year right here on Slog.

Can't Argue with That: Lupita Nyong'o is the most beautiful person alive.

From Adolescent Doctor to Transgender Rock Star: Neil Patrick Harris is getting raves in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

It's Not TV, It's Streaming TV: Amazon is adding HBO shows to their streaming video service. Netflix really fucked that up.

Jodie Foster Got Married: Good for her.

Let's All Crush on Angel Haze Now: If you don't know Angel Haze, you should get acquainted. She just wrote an article for Vice about being gay in hiphop:

Being gay in hip-hop is still really stigmatized. There are so many people in this world that are closet homosexuals. I guess I'm "out," but people ask me what my sexuality is all the time and I always tell them that it doesn’t matter, we’re not in a sexual situation so you don’t need to know. If we were in a sexual situation you would know exactly who I am sexually. But if we’re just having a conversation you don’t need to know what I do in private. Sexuality is not the most interesting detail about a person. It’s like me saying my favorite color is red all the time. After a while you’d kindly tell to me to shut the fuck up about it.

So I don’t use gender pronouns in my music. For me it should be universal, something that everyone can relate to; if you like boys, if you like fucking puppies, who cares. I think that’s why I keep my personal life and feelings separate from my music or how I’m supposed to act cause I’m a pansexual rapper or a queer rapper or whatever.

She also included her cover of "Same Love." Go listen to it and read her words.