Everyone around here knows that Mars Hill is a shitty neighbor. Remember how they said "God wants" them to take possession of Sound Transit property out in Bellevue? Well, they've pulled the same tricks in Orange County, and the intrepid Warren Throckmorton is on the case at Patheos:

On Monday, I established that Mars Hill Church in Orange County violated the city of Santa Ana’s zoning law for the better part of a year (2011-2012). In defiance of the city and at the direction of Mars Hill’s executive elders, Mars Hill Orange County continued to meet in a building which was not zoned for a church, even paying fines instead of moving to another location, or simply waiting until a suitable location could be found. Then when the church was facing enforcement, Mars Hill’s pastor Mark Driscoll claimed to lack understanding about the city’s actions.

Now, Throckmorton reports, it seems that even members of the church are asking about Mars Hill Orange County's bad behavior in church meetings. You'd think that, above all other things, a Christian church would be interested in being a good neighbor. But maybe God told them to defy zoning laws, too? If so, Mars Hill's God seems like kind of like an asshole.