It's been a disheartening 24 hours: King County fucked over its own transit system, gun laws are basically disappearing in a couple states, and now Edward Wyatt at the New York Times says:

The Federal Communications Commission will propose new rules that allow Internet service providers to offer a faster lane through which to send video and other content to consumers, as long as a content company is willing to pay for it, according to people briefed on the proposals.

It's been really nice getting to know you all, internet buddies, but the party's over. Net neutrality has been in peril for a long time, and if these rules pass, the quaint idea that the internet belongs to the people will be officially dead.

The usual suspects are already assembling petitions and asking people to deluge the FCC with protesting e-mails, calls, and letters, and I imagine the internet will be devising new ways to protest this course of action in the coming days, too. The FCC, Wyatt writes, will vote on a proposal in a meeting on May 15th.