Check Out That Prop 1 Results Map: Blue is yes, red/pink is no to transit. It's time for Plan C, say a shit ton of people. Charles Mudede says that will still fuck the suburban poor.

Today's the Day: Mayor Ed Murray will announce his proposal for a minimum wage increase this afternoon; he seems to be hoping that between yesterday at 2 p.m. and today at 1 p.m. his advisory committee on the issue may come to a consensus. Committee co-chair Howard Wright says this morning that's the plan. Committee member Kshama Sawant doesn't seem as optimistic. And it's heading over to the city council anyway, so let's check that out.

The Russian Defense Minister: Says Moscow's being "forced to react" to Ukraine's moves on separatists in Sloviansk. Russia's teeing up military exercises; UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says he's "seriously concerned that the situation could quickly spin out of control with consequences we cannot predict."

Good-bye Net Neutrality: Hello, something shittier. The FCC chair defends himself against the internet uprising, saying this is "no turnaround in policy."

Vermont Beats Us to GMO Labeling: Activists in Washington State hoped to be first last fall, but failed at the ballot. Now Vermont's state legislature gives them the honor (dubious as it may be to some) of being the first state to require the labeling of genetically altered foods at the retail level.

Should Washington State Raise the Age for Tobacco? The King County Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Board says yes, and is lobbying the legislature to up it from 18 to 21.

More on the Teen Jetliner Stowaway: His dad, in California was "shocked" to get a call that his 15-year-old kid was safe and sound, in Maui. NO SHIT.

Glenn Beck Says a Thing That Is True: That nutty farmer Cliven Bundy is "unhinged." Beck also urges Beck-lovers to "end your relationship" with Bundy.

Hey! The Headline of the Day! Would you look at that: "Fetal tissue, amputated limbs used to power Oregon homes."

Obama Played Soccer with a Robot in Japan: Here's the story, but I just can't stop watching this video: