Cosby (aka Will Creason), the erudite electronic musician/label boss/DJ who moved from Seattle to Washington DC in 2012, is returning to our city to participate in a panel discussion called New Sonic Ecologies and deliver a paper (“Funktions On The Low: How Pirate Radio, Home Taping, & Internet Forums Made Grime Music A New Global Language”) at the EMP Pop Conference. You can catch Cosby's panel and presentation Friday April 25 at 4:15 pm in the Demo Lab (free). (Stranger freelancer Chris Estey is on the same panel; his paper is titled "How Do the Homeless Listen to Music?") Read Creason's abstract here.

While he's in town, Cosby also will be DJing tonight at Kremwerk. This man is always on the next level of awareness re: bass-centric music, so tonight should be enlightening and exciting.