• Eli Sanders
Yesterday, Ed Murray Hosted His Big Minimum Wage Press Conference: And announced... that there wasn't a deal yet. Meaning Ed Murray's New York Times quote today is "We're stuck at the moment." Our Slog coverage of the no-deal event is here (he did explain the basic framework of agreements that parties are signed on to). Kshama Sawant immediately said the committee was "done" and the debate should move to the city council, to which the mayor's office responded: "No one is off the committee. The committee is not done."

Group of Seven Getting Pissed at Russia: Angela Merkel says Russia is not signaling peace and the G-7 will "have to act."

Murder in the Central District Last Night: Police say they're still looking for suspects after a 911 call yesterday evening led them to a 19-year-old with multiple gunshot wounds at 28th Avenue South and South Lane Street.

This Year, The Washington State Legislature Said Fuck You to Teaching to the Test: Now the federal government is messing with our education funding in return, making Washington State the first state ever to lose its No Child Left Behind waiver—all because our standardized-test-exhausted state refuses to connect student test results to teacher performance evaluations. Confidential to Arne Duncan: Hey, we're xeroxing our asses over here. What's your fax number?

Activists Say Government Airstrikes in Syria Killed 30 Yesterday: When they hit a crowded vegetable market in an opposition-held town in Aleppo province.

Sausalito Activist Climbs Uganda's Highest Peak, Plants Gay Pride Flag at Summit: Then he wrote an open letter to Uganda's anti-gay president: "Your country’s highest point is no longer its soil, its snow or a summit marker, but rather a gay pride flag waving brilliantly, shining down from above as a sign of protest and hope behalf of the many thousands of Ugandans that you seek to repress..."

Speaking of Climbing Mountains: Is this year's Everest season over?

Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe Settle Wage-Fixing Suit Brought by 64,000 Employees: The suit claimed that the heads of the companies agreed not to recruit each other's employees, driving down wages.

In one particularly damning email, Eric Schmidt of Google tells Steve Jobs that a recruiter who contacted an Apple employee had violated the agreement and would be terminated "within the hour."

Jobs responded with a smiley face.

"If the economy still feels stuck, blame the housing market": This is a long, chart-filled NYT read on the housing market, but give it a shot, see if your brain likes it. "The younger generations do not seem to have a significant lower preference for homeownership," says economist David Crowe. "They just can’t do it now. They stayed home because they couldn’t get a job or couldn’t get a good enough job to live independently." Also: The word "moribund" appears twice.

This Is Unacceptable: A 16-year-old boy allegedly shoved a 16-year-old girl down the stairs, tried to choke her, and then stabbed her to death at their Connecticut high school this morning after she turned down his junior prom invite. I don't know what to do with that knowledge except be disturbed.

Free Elmo? Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind Elmo, has been cleared of sex abuse charges by an appeals court... because the allegations fell outside New York's statute of limitations.