Damn, this past Easter weekend was quite the killer: Guitarist Mike Atta from the Middle Class died as well as '60s soul man Deon Jackson.

Jackson, born in 1946 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was still in high school when he was discovered and signed to Ollie McLaughlin's Carla label. For good reason—within the next year he'd scored two local hits: “You Said You Love Me” and “Come Back Home.” Then, in 1965, his self-penned A-side, "Love Makes The World Go Around" hit number 11 nationally. As a result, he was afforded the chance to cut a fantastic LP, Love Makes The World Go Around, on Atco. After the popularity of "Love Makes The World," Jackson went on to have two more Top 100 singles, "Love Takes a Long Time Growing" and "Ooh Baby," but then the hits dried up. After his recording career tapered off in 1970, he settled in Chicago and continued to perform, but he eventually quit music and became a high school principal in a Chicago suburb. Jackson passed away Friday, April 19.

Oddly, even with his chart success, he's perhaps only remembered as a one-hit wonder/also-ran; it's a bummer, because his entire catalog is solid and full of fantastic soul.