We Seattley gaymosexuals have so much going on, I need a Ritalin and a martini just to parse it all. (Don't try this at home! At dance clubs is far more fun.) We've got BenDeLaCreme tearing it up on RuPaul's Drag Race every... single... week (thrill!), and the pursuant Monday viewing parties hosted by the Queen of the Hour Herself (7:30 p.m., Century Ballroom, no cover!). SIFF is like three weeks away (opening-night red carpet is on May 15), and it shall drag all of its usual glittering gay delights and parties and celebrities behind it like a caveman does a girlfriend. We've got Pride barreling at us like a runaway LGBTQLMNOP train on a lubed-up track, and fagnificient events featuring dazzling headliners are already being announced. It's almost enough to make one want. To take. A fucking. NAP. Almost!

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