Feeling lucky, toots? Felling GAY? Good! Tomorrow night Kevin Kauer (DJ Nark, Nark Magazine, duh) is throwing a heck of a little do. As detailed exhaustively in this week’s Homosexual Agenda, he’s mashing up two of his newer nights, Ferocious Memories (a dance party) and Fierce Queen (a throw-down contest for new drag queens). Well, this is your golden moment, because we here at The Homosexual Agenda (i.e. me) are giving away not ONE pair, not THREE pairs, but TWO pairs of tickets to the event to two lucky winners! You just totally peed your pants right? I KNOW! Simply do this right now: retweet this tweet by 5 p.m. today!

Your name will go into the bucket, and two winners will be chosen at random by the fickle fingers of fate. Do it! Quick!