The president's in on the minimum-wage action this morning, talking in his weekly address about pizza and Oklahoma and a federal minimum wage raise, saying "It's time for $10.10." Check it out:

Here in Seattle, where we don't fuck around, it's time for $15, and we're hearing a lot of chatter this week about the work going on at city hall to assemble a compromise minimum wage hike that labor and business leaders can jointly support.

But activists are moving ahead on their own schedule. All day today at Franklin High School, 15 Now is hosting their first national conference, with people assembling from all over the US to rally and discuss strategies on raising the minimum wage to $15, here and elsewhere. Tonight at 7:30, at a closing rally, Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant will speak to conference attendees. The crowd is reportedly a few hundred strong so far.

If you wanted to follow along on Twitter, you can check out 15 Now or find some of the action at the hashtags #15now and #a26.

The conference schedule is here; the strategy document they're discussing, amending, and voting on is here. Today's when they're expected to start signature-gathering for a $15 minimum wage charter amendment.

Meanwhile, the mayor's advisors are potentially working around the clock on their deal, hustling for support from the factions they represent. I hope they take a break to go walk their dogs and sleep and have a margarita or 10. It's Saturday, after all.