What the Fuck Is Wrong with You, King County? Prop 1 went down in flames. What do we do next? Charles Mudede has some feelings about the suburbs. King County Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond threw a very depressing press conference.

We Can Agree That Nobody Agrees: The minimum wage debate is still going. What's the deal with tip credits? Why is raising the minimum wage not enough? Why can't Murray's minimum wage commission come to an agreement? Why did Murray fuck that press conference up so bad? What does Kshama Sawant think? Most importantly...

...Can Everyone Agree That This Plan Sucks? Anna Minard got a hold of what appears to be the minimum wage plan that was going to be announced at Mayor Murray's press conference and it's just awful.

Four Weeks Later: Brendan Kiley visits the Oso debris field.

Is It Safe to Use the Word "Stuck" Yet? The tunnel machine is taking the year off.

The Good Kind of Sick: Paid sick leave is great for Seattle. Funnily enough, many of the people who warned us about paid sick leave are also railing against the $15/hour minimum wage.

"Everything in me rails against rape as a narrative device." On Game of Thrones.

Don't Blame Canada: Canada's banned explosion-prone train cars. The United States, predictably, has not.

Here Comes Bike Share: Who's the big corporate donor?

"I personally think privacy in the online era is a very real concern" An interview with Blaise Aguera y Arcas.

Blood in Your Soda: Jen Graves thinks about SodaStream.

Fedorable! A very special Police Beat.

Avril Is the Cruelest: This video is terrible on so many levels.