Third Central District Murder In A Week: Police say they found a man lying in the street, wounded and not breathing, when they responded to reports of gunfire at 28th Avenue and South Charles Street. Like in homicides two days ago and last Saturday, Seattle police say they have no leads on suspects.

Tunnel Blows Up, Financially: The contractor on the project is trying to wring nearly $190 million in extra payments out of the state, according to documents obtained by the Seattle Times.

Uber's Fight With San Francisco Drivers: "Basically what the company is doing is trying to shift the cost of doing business to its workers."

Man Who Coined Phrase Net Neutrality: Says net neutrality is dead, but the public response to the FCC's attempt—for the third time—to get rid of it has been swift and fierce.

Bluster And Threats in Korea: The United States "will not hesitate to use our military might," President Obama says. Grr, North Korea! Boo!

Fired Eastside Catholic High School Vice-Principal Moves On: a job at Mercer Island High School. His lawsuit against the school, which fired him after he married his partner, is still pending.

One-Star Amazon Reviews of Thomas Piketty's Book: Make for fun reading, don't they? E.g. "Piketty can go to H&ll as can Marx, Lenin, Obama, etc," and "He belongs in the heap of child molesters in my book."

"Cowboys and Indians" Take On Keystone XL Pipeline: About 60 ranchers, farmers and tribal leaders who live near the proposed path of the oil pipeline, calling themselves the Cowboy and Indian Alliance, "rode into the nation’s capital on horseback Tuesday to set up camp and begin four days of demonstrations to register their protest of the project."

Unfortunately for them: