I have to recount this story: In December 2001, the old Italian city of Genoa (the city that gave the world Christopher Columbus) permitted the American jazz violinist Regina Carter to play Il Cannone Guarnerius (or simply "the Cannon"), a violin that was made more than 260 years ago and was once owned and loved by the 19th-century composer and violinist Niccolo Paganini. Genoa owns this instrument, which has a reputation for producing an explosive sound ("the Cannon"). To appreciate the level of accomplishment Carter has achieved as a musician, you must understand that Genoa does not allow any old person to play the Cannon. The city must deeply admire you. The city must feel that handing you this violin continues a long and noble musical tradition. The city had good reason to trust Carter (who was born and raised in Detroit and is classically trained); she is arguably the most gifted jazz violinist of our times. Jazz Alley, 7:30 pm, all ages.

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